MEDSEA Foundation has developed projects on sustainable tourism, coastal zone management, life cycle assessment, coastal waste management, protection and conservation of marine ecosystem areas and wetlands and for the organization of training courses and communication events. The Scientific Committee consists of international experts from different European and Mediterranean countries and with different skills on environmental protection and enhancement, in line with the multidisciplinary approach to the issues of integrated coastal and sea management that characterizes the MEDSEA Foundation. We are working together on an applied research study program. Our program goal is to create a range of data collected throughout these habitats which include salt marshes, mud flats, tidal streams, tidal waterways, lagoons, reefs and corals, barrier beaches, and rocky intertidal shores. Our study of these critical marine ecosystem(s) is vital to, and a real time indicator of, overall marine health systems. We are interested to expand this cooperative network of scientists and institutions to better understand these systems and believe that by building a strong geographical understanding of these environments we can develop narratives for product concepts that will drive  communication around the importance of these precious ecosystems. To identify 3 hope spots that need immediate protection. First, work with local municipalities on program outline and build a communication around these efforts. Second, build community awareness and education. Third, measure program data and apply to future programs. Expand on 3 renewal programs that are currently in effect and expand the programs.


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