po·ten·tial / pəˈten(t)SHəl / adjective
Having or showing the capacity to build something in the future

Like you, we live for spending time on the water and want everyone to do more of it. Converting to electric lowers environmental impacts and costs of operation. Across America we are making it possible to explore more with a lower negative impact on nature and a more positive impact on your wallet. We are protecting our long term energy security, sourcing power production locally and watching it become more renewable over time.

We don’t go anywhere without our technology these days. Why should boating be any different? We are working with developers to integrate the most technologically advanced on-board experience. As these technologies develop we will be updating our onboard controls to ensure your safe boating experience. With each new innovation, we will wirelessly update your onboard controls ensuring the safest boating experience.


We are developing better building materials and methods to manufacture and assemble our boats. Halevai is aware that current boat building practices are not clean, circular or sustainable. We are committed to leading the movement in better solutions that aid in correcting the course of environmental damage. By partnering with the world's most forward thinking educational and research institutions as long as leading government agencies — we are committed to remain on the forefront of how new processes and composites are applied to the marine industry.

Boat building material

Data onboard recreational boats is typically limited. HALEVAI model2050 displays range calculations, charging and performance solutions in real time. Wireless over-air updates keep Model2050 owners informed and updated on their usage, trip calculators, and overall battery system performance. We offer this data along with a wider range of fully customizable features. This access to data also helps users and regulators alike understand longer term metrics on carbon offset

Boat console view

The American marine landscape is vast and diverse. None of the work we are doing at HALEVAI is possible without the clear understanding that we must and we will protect the life support system of our planet. Whether we are in a mountain lake, an inlet, a bay or in the open ocean we are connected to the life force of this planet, our ocean. We have a responsibility to protect and communicate with each other and find new ways to boat more responsibly.

Trees on a lake

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