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We Will.

Our world is always changing. Due to our actions, human behavior around the globe has triggered major shifts in our social and natural environmental ecosystems.  Pandemics and global climate change have been rapidly accelerated by man. We will use innovation and activism in various forms to bring attention to the major issues that face our global communities.

Halevai will build renewable energy solutions for the marine industry. We are developing better building materials  and methods to build boats. Founded in 2020, Halevai is a new concept boat manufacturer focused on design, reliability and conservation.  Our debut craft, the model2050, was inspired by the goals of the historic COP21 UN climate conference, and is the first high performance boat in its category to be fully electric powered.

Halevai is committed to leading this movement, building better solutions that aid in correcting the course of environmental damage while providing an approachable, meaningful and long-lasting experience for its followers.

None of the work we are doing at HALEVAI is possible without the clear understanding that we must and we will protect the life support system of our planet. The ocean covers two thirds of the our planet’s surface and provides the major source of income to some of our poorest communities. We see a rise in global temperatures, acidification, systemic pollution caused by outdated petrol motors used for recreation and overfishing resulting in a rise in sea levels that threatens the lives of billions of people living in or near coastal communities. We will look to our ocean for answers, protect its fragility and harness its immense power.

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