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Designed with your energy security in mind.

For both families looking for a more responsible way to explore nature or marina fleet operators looking to make larger scale impacts and convert to electric, we offer the solution. Let’s start our journey together.

Our vision is clear

We are a new concept boat manufacturer designing, engineering and building safe, high-performance, fully electric recreational boats in America. We have engineered clean, scalable partnerships in our mission to rebuild the complete composite structure of recreational boating. With an emphasis on energy security and independence, we are designing our products with biodynamic materials to ensure a lower overall footprint. While the current supply chain does not support “best practices”, we started with the powertrain, making it more renewable. We WillTM first influence and ultimately change the way boats are manufactured around the world while standing proud that we are AMERICAN MADE.

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po·ten·tial / pəˈten(t)SHəl / adjective
Having or showing the capacity to build something in the future

Like you, we live for spending time on the water and want everyone to do more of it. Converting to electric lowers environmental impacts and costs of operation. By reshaping the marine sector across the country, we have made it possible to explore the new and, in doing so, keeping an eye on how our products influence the environment around us. We are protecting our long term energy security, sourcing power production locally and watching it become more renewable over time.

We don’t go anywhere without our technology these days. Why should boating be any different? We are working with developers to integrate the most technologically advanced on-board experience. As these technologies develop with each new innovation, we will wirelessly update your onboard controls to ensure the safest boating experience.


We are developing better building materials and methods to manufacture and assemble our boats. HALEVAI is aware that current boat building practices are not clean, circular or sustainable. We are committed to leading the movement in better solutions that aid in correcting the course of environmental damage. By partnering with the world's most forward thinking educational and research institutions, as well as leading government agencies, we are committed to remain on the forefront of how new processes and composites are applied to the marine industry.

Boat building material

Data onboard recreational boats is typically limited. HALEVAI model2050 displays range calculations, charging and performance solutions in real time. Wireless over-air updates keep model2050 owners informed and updated on their usage, trip calculators, and overall battery system performance. We offer this data along with a wider range of fully customizable features. This access to data also helps users and regulators alike understand longer term metrics on carbon offset.

The American marine landscape is vast and diverse. None of the work we are doing at HALEVAI is possible without the clear understanding that we must and we will protect the life support system of our planet. Whether we are in a mountain lake, an inlet, a bay or in the open ocean we are connected to the life force of this planet, our ocean. We have a responsibility to protect and communicate with each other and find new ways to boat more responsibly.

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pow·er / 'pour(ə)
noun - the capacity to influence the behavior or course of events
verb - supply mechanical and electrical energy

Our philosophy is to create a tool for exploration and share it with the world. Our commitment to building best practices only comes with your support and we want to keep you informed, engaged and up to speed both on and off the water.

The model2050 hull was designed by looking at and performing extensive naval architecture studies. We wanted to have more room for storage, stability and less drag on the water. We validated these performance requirements on our planing trimaran hull. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) were used to check and validate all predictions. Our patent pending hull is the most well balanced boat in its class, providing a smoother ride in a wider range of marine environments.

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Above deck, there is freedom to move around, wide walkways and a range of seating to choose from. We have a seated folding dining table for 6 at the bow and reclining seating daybed at the stern. 2 person helm, with 4 powerful, easy to connect speakers and an elegant warm lighting program. Mood is controlled at the touch of a button. Keep your devices powered up with 2 onboard 12V chargers located at the console.

We have created a space to open up discovery and share our solutions. A place where HALEVAI advisors and contributors will come together and create talks, dinners, workshops, promote wellness and overall practices allowing a chance for better living. Our model2050 will be docked on site and we will make daily excursions, tours and support institutions working locally in those environments.

We are proudly designed and built in America. We have formed partnerships and vendor agreements with the US best-in-category companies and fully support the growth of our industry within the American workforce.

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pow·er / 'pour(ə)r
noun - the capacity to influencer the behavior or course of events
verb - supply mechanical and electrical energy

Harnessing power efficiently. Doing so will define who we are in the next half century. Where does it come from? What does it cost? How can we use it more efficiently? So much of how we designed and built the model2050 is fueled by these questions. We will forever be guided by them and keep engineering towards solutions which will continue to provide our boat with more in-class power than ever before.

HALEVAI model2050 is built using high quality, heavy duty, marine grade battery systems. Our battery packs are all assembled in America and we offer a Standard 100kwHr range.

Battery diagram

Electric drive systems require far less maintenance than comparable drive systems. Integrated water pump and permanently lubricated pivot points allow you to spend less time on maintenance and more time boating. Easy operation and precision handling in harbor. Charging is easy.

Drive system

Our boats integrate high-content motors from cascadia motion that are powerful, durable and rugged. Each electic motor/ generator is build with an internal sump, mechanical oil pump and heat exchanger. Perfect for high power applications.


The model2050 was inspired by the goals of the historic COP21 UN Climate Change Conference and is the first high performance boat in its category to be fully electric powered. Our Standard battery pack can drive 50 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 25MPH. Reaching top speeds over 35MPH, you can go faster and longer than any in-class boat.

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